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What is Medismo?

The medical community is significantly siloed, making it difficult for specialists, doctors, and other health care professionals to coordinate patient care. Medismo is designed to make secure, cross-organizational, medical-grade group messaging easy for medical professionals and supporting them in delivering faster, smarter treatment. Once on the Medismo platform, medical professionals can update and expand their practice information, exchange private contact information with selected colleagues, connect with former classmates, and incorporate rapid, precise communication into the treatment of patients.

HIPAA Compliant

Unlike traditional social media, Medismo enables doctors to securely discuss patient care in a private, closed, HIPAA-secure environment.

For Specialists

For specialists, the Medismo platform can strengthen reputations, deepen networks and grow practices across borders.

For Primary care

For primary care providers, it can save time spent finding specialists, labs, pharmacies, and other resources when it needs most.

Deep Insights

Physicians learn about new drugs and existing drugs with new indications and latest clinical trails.

100% Privacy

Physician identities are verified via a 3-step credential check to protect Medismo's community and patient privacy.

On the Go

Physicians securely access the Medismo platform in minutes through Android Mobile App or on their laptop.

How Medismo is changing healthcare communication?

  • Dr. Sijit Jain sends and receives secure multimedia messages(DICOM supported) in order to convey urgent results to his referring clinicians and to quickly attain additional patient information.
  • Dr. Vikram Patel avoids lost time contacting the appointment desks of specialists by dialing directly to their back office numbers.
  • Dr. John A. works in Goa and treats many injured tourists regularly. With Medismo, he can find physicians in the vacationers’ home towns to manage post-operative care or follow-ups.
  • Dr. Nilesh Kulkarni uses Medismo to find 24-hour pharmacies close by patient home when he receives an urgent "medication" call at midnight.
  • Dr. Piyush Chawla uses Medismo to find the right expert for counsel, partnering opportunity for his poly-clinic.
  • Dr. Puja Tandon finds Medismo as most useful for treating a patient that requires multiple sub-specialists, such as thoracic surgery.
  • Dr. S. Kannan taps Medismo to build and maintain relationships with primary care providers in a rural area where long distances separate medical professionals.

Works Everywhere
Laptop, Tablets or Smartphone

some frequently asked questions for you

How do I join Medismo?

Only Doctors can join Medismo. You will need to complete our quick registration process and create a secure login. HIPAA-compliant messaging features and many other time-saving tools.

How much does Medismo cost?

Medismo is free for lifetime. We never rent, sell your details, please read our privacy policy for more info.

Can international doctors sign up?

No, we are currently only available to Indian medical professionals.

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